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Important stuff when you’re dealing with visuals.

Alter Ego:

When I am not sipping T2 tea or buying homewares in Williams Sonoma, I am lighting fires and revving engines (or was that putting out fires?!). In a past life I was Italian or Greek because I cook like I am!

Alter Ego:

When I am not whiling away the hours in music stores, I am responsible for the day to day management of the creative and production team. I used to be a guitarist in a heavy metal band.

Alter Ego:
SAMANTHA (Bewitched)

When I am not shopping in lifestyle stores I am managing the install coordination team and coordinating the installs. I have been to Disneyland an inordinate amount of times.

Alter Ego:

When I am not joyously shopping online with careless abandon I am doing national run preparation and keeping our family of VM’s happy, content and compliant. I have a collection of hippopotamuses.

Alter Ego:

When I am not shopping for stationery at Typo, I am ensuring that the VM photos are compliant and the installations run smoothly. I also entertain the team with my broken English.

Alter Ego:

When I am not scouring the shops for coffee I am answering sales enquires, sending quotes and invoicing. My real hair colour remains a mystery to all as I dye my hair a lot.

Alter Ego:

When I am not drinking in the delights of Alfesco Emporium I am assisting the internal teams. I love a baked good almost as much as I love data and can often be found making them (baked treats, that is)

Alter Ego:

When I am not in Matt Blatt searching for furniture I don't need or in First Choice Liquor searching for what I do, I am keeping the DID office in order and actioning Jen’s variety of tasks.

Alter Ego:
VIOLET (the Incredibles)

When I am not in Kinokuniya or Kikki. K looking for stationery, I am running the office, managing Jen’s tasks and assisting the team. I love pouring the champagne on a Friday afternoon.

Alter Ego:

When I am not at the Kimbriki Tip Buy Back Centre looking through other people's trash and making it my treasure I am responsible for innovations and concepts in POS and off site install and surveys. I have also never been scuba diving.

Alter Ego:

When I am not ‘nerding out’ at Digi Direct over all the latest in photographic equipment I am responsible for window displays and point of sale designs. I can do without rats in my life.

Alter Ego:

When I am not looking for more gadgets in Jay Car I am downstairs designing, producing and finishing all point of sale/pre-press. I used to be in a band and am pretty good at procrastinating....if I put my mind to it.

Alter Ego:

When I am not looking for more things I don’t need at Bunnings, I spend my days making sure we spend and save in all the right places! My favourite thing to do is lunch with the boss.

Alter Ego:
DASH (the Incredibles)

When I am not perusing interior stores to fill my home with more gorgeousness, I am managing the full financial functions of the company. I care deeply for animals and the planet.

Alter Ego:

When I am not lusting over bicycles at Procycles I am managing the warehouse and all the freight that goes in and out of it. No one knows anything about me I don’t want them to know. Except that I’m good at lawn bowls.

Alter Ego:

When I am not shopping for cheap and comfy gear from Kmart, I am ensuring all the Point Of Sale is correctly packaged and shipped. Some would say I am a soccer fanatic. I'd call it more of an interest.

Alter Ego:

When I am not panting up and down the aisles of the likes of Pet Barn, Pet Stock and Pet O, I am adept at wandering the office encouraging pats and tickles. I love chasing the ball, but everybody knows that!

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