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Who we are..

We’re not just another Point of Sale or Merchandising company.
Were creative specialists with a dedicated national network of talented installers.

We deliver full compliance and visibility at a national level.. How?

  • Real time information – Live report of stores complete from day 1
  • Multiple photos per store
  • Full compliance. Your final photos all match the brief
  • Multiple questions – stock, ‘whats actually out there right now’
  • Store Relationship and product representation, the same installer re-visits the same stores.
  • Reliability. We’re in retailers every week representing amazing brands!

Who YOU are..

Typically our best value exchange is in the following applications –

  • Trade Marketing Managers looking to activate a national POS campaigns
  • Brands with existing POS that needs national activation (or no POS – we can print in house!)
  • Retailers needing a full review of their fixtures
  • Agencies looking for reliable national manpower and a fully accountable merchandising partner
  • Bespoke and more involved activation such as large vinyl application – Print managers looking to solve POS problems
  • Anything window displays, national or Short run, looking for full compliance and a
  • Point of Sale needing a ‘window dressers touch’. Ladder work, Hanging posters, multi element displays. Our people have the tools and experience

Quality Activations –

We’re committed to 100% compliance. Every store display gets the time and attention-to-detail needed to meet the brief.

We do this by having a tight-knit, dedicated team of installers in the field.

How to be certain of successful activation?

  • During the roll-out, we review every photo as its received to ensure full compliance with the brief.
  • At activation-end we email you a spreadsheet containing all photos (as hyperlinks).
  • You can review every store or even spend 5min to review at random selection.
  • Full detailed ‘Post Run Report’, forward this spreadsheet up the management chain

Live Reporting –

Your biggest challenge at retail is Visibility.

We’ve developed the perfect tool to give you real time visibility of whats in store, from Day 1!

What ever information you need. If you can ask it in a question and see it in a photo, we can give you answers on a national level!

Every member of our dedicated field team is not only passionate about activating your point of sale but are equipt with information capture devices, to answer  any number of questions –

  • Are products displaying the ‘retail demo mode’ and live stock on display?
  • Is the display currently powered, is the displays video loop working?
  • Has the manager taken enquiries on the product, do they require additional marketing materials
  • Opportunities to own the branding space. Are there floor decals in that section
  • Are there existing similiar displays to whats being rolled out



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