Secrets of the Sales

Q. What is Oniomania?
A. The technical term for Shopoholic which affects 1 in 10 people. Bargain hunting affects the pulse and stress levels of shoppers. The heart rate increases from 60 to 100 beats per minute when shopers find an item they liked and stress / excitement levels went from 20-80%.

Q. Why are the mirrors in women’s retail change rooms tilted slightly from the top?
A. To make your legs appear thinner in the reflection

Q. Why is Red the universal colour for “for sale” signs?
A. Its said Red was chosen as the ‘stop’ colour, as it is universally renowned for danger (blood) so made a great traffic signal for STOP! So Red is used to grab your attention in store as well!

Q. Why is Citrus or Vanilla the choice of fragrance, to entice shoppers in stores 
A. Citrus and Vanilla are chosen to give the feeling of fresh, but mint is not used because its too strong, where as these others are more subtle

Q. Why is ‘Special Buy’ stock shipped INTO stores during supposed ‘stock clearance’ sales?
A ‘Special buy stock’ are higher margin items, shipped in to stores in time for the sales. These are items that capitalise on the ‘sales mania’ additional foot traffic, driven by reduced price of their ‘standard items’ stock.

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