Wattyl Stores Point of Sale

Hardware POS Printing

The Challenge

 Print Support for Wattyl’s 100 year ‘Aussie Legends’ Promo

The Solution

 Standees, Window Decals, Posters and.. Drum Kits!




To celebrate 100 years of Wattyl paints’ (1915 – 2015) the marketing team at Valspar devised a very creative take on paint buckets and paint rollers.

Double Impact Displays provided the vast majority of print in support the ‘Aussie Legends’ campaign across more than 200+ Wattyl retail and trade outlets Australia wide.

Together with standard POS including posters, window decals and paint tin decals, both a retail and a trade standee were created, including a 2 part stage backdrop sent to  specific stores.

Wattyl engaged “Gordo the drummer”, with an incredible talent for transforming paint buckets into percussion instruments.

Double impact displays were stoked to be part of such a creative and remarkable milestone for an iconic Australian brand.

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