Springtime Windows

CBD Windows

The Challenge

Create Springtime Magic in Windows.

The Solution

Bespoke theatrical display that delights!

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Spring is an incredible season for colour and photographers. But its not just flowers that bloom in spring, its people!

After winter-long hibernation’s, the September warmth allows us to rediscover the outdoors – the beach, longer afternoons, Barbecues with friends..

September was THE month to spark shopper imagination in the latest Nikon photographic technology.

Double Impact was THE choice to transform CBD windows into full blossom.

Key deliverables

  • Inspire with a springtime theme
  • Feature Tokyo promotion with Japanese flavour
  • Create plinths to Hero live stock
  • Budget and timing limitations.

Heres how we delivered springtime magic for select CBD windows

Before and After shots









Artificial Cherry Blossoms
Brainstorming a fairly loose breif and tight budget, Artificial blossoms were the ultimate springtime icon.
Hitting the mark in Colour, Japanese theme, Photogenicity and cost

Fibreboard Japanese Footbridge
Driving focus on product quality, Double Impact designed and manufactured a ‘mini’ japanese footbridge.
Built from a novel POS material called fiberboard, the bridge has the same appearance and strenght of gloss MDF (wood) construction, at a fraction of the cost.
DID’s new Fiberboard POS delivers a huge advance in impact in windows. The cost of Fibreboard allows the ‘bespoke’ to meet ‘budget’.
One-off MDF or acyrlic window props were previously the domain of high-end luxury brands with essentially marketing money to burn.
And because Fiberboard is a paper based product, its 100% recyclable unlike MDF or Acrylic which eventually goes to landfill.

Window Vinyl
Exposed empty floorspace or ugly ceilings/wires/lights are cardinal sins when it comes to window displays.
You’ll notice the ‘before and after’ shots – a large black header decal conceals ceiling lights and the ‘river’ footer frames as water under the bridge.
From a hapazard, half-done eyesores obviously a hassle for staff, Vinyl decal framing transforms windows to delightful story boxes that inspires and please the eye.

Looking to drive traffic ‘from the road to the register’, particularly in flagship CBD windows? Lets talk about opening up the possiblities retail windows present!

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