Sony Sound System

Product Merchandising

The Challenge

 Apply printed board and connect up sound system

The Solution

A pumping Mu-Te-Ki sound wall!

Sony approached Double Impact Displays with the challenge of merchandising its high power Home Theater System – the “Muteki” (Japanese for Invincible).

Logistically, installers had to ensure the sizable home theater bay was cleared before proceeding to each store for set up. The POS components and Sony light box for this display were delivered direct to store and Merchandisers had to source the stock in-store when assembling the display.

Due to significant interest and pre-sales, some stores had sold out of the stock that was to be placed on display. Merchandisers were tasked to improvise with stock available to optimise the display.

The ‘brick wall’ was printed on foam-core boards and adhered to the racking walls, using heavy duty, weight bearing velcro. Significantly this alignment was crucial to making the bricks appear visually continuous and ensure a punchy display.

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