LG Xboom

Speaker Merchandising



The Challenge

 Receive POS, Locate store stock and run power to display

The Solution

A vibrant end-cap display that “owned” the Good Guys audio section  


LG Electronics was looking for a reliable solution to assemble live-demo stock and POS display across all 101 ‘the Good Guys’ stores nationally.

The installation challenge was in the coordination. Elements in this display were supplied by different parties

  • POS boards – Whilst Double Impact Displays can and does often print Point of Sale on site – in this case the POS printed by a 3rd party
  • Xboom Stock – Being a brand new product, LG was organising dispatch of the stock to stores in the week of activation
  • Installation – We were the final ingredient in the mix, coordinating the installation once Stock and POS has both been received.
  • Amongst other things, Installers needed to locate the Powered end cap / run extension cords, locate stock, clear shelves, clean shelves in preparation for adhesive etc.

In any situation where POS and Stock arrives separately and direct to stores, there is significant room for error. It is imperative that once a merchandiser is dispatched to store, everything is there ready for installation. Otherwise when site-revisits are multiplied across dozens of stores, costs can become prohibitive and very quickly complicate the activation.

Thats how, at Double Impact Displays we have our clients back, by coordinating the roll out for you!

We avoid any POS ‘false-starts’ by put preventative measures in place to ensure we only dispatch our installers once we’ve confirmed all display elements  are ready for activation.

In addition to assembling  the colorful end cap display,  we tasked merchandisers with questions to complete once instore –

  • Had stores taken pre-orders / customer enquiries prior to stock drop?
  • Where there similar Speaker displays in each section (and their description)
  • General store feedback from managers and staff as to the appeal of the product

Want an experienced team to coordinate a complicated but successful activation?  

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