Recreate 70s Theme

The Challenge

 Create a 70s theme in-store with cricket pitch

The Solution

 Posters, product stands, window and floor decals




  • 93 windows dressed by 42 VM’s need to comply with an approved layout and completed within 3 days
  • Capture the essence of the show through the 70’s imaging
  • Drive record sales through the window displays

Howzat! Kerry Packers War was a TV mini series aired on channel nine with its main competitor being Paper Giants screened on the ABC.  The main objectives for the release of the DVD was to capitalise on the success of the TV series.

The Window display design was to re create the cricket setting which incorporated large banners with an image of the MCG to give the window a back drop. We used life sized standees of the key characters in front of the banners to give the scene some depth and used real cricket equipment to fill out the internal window space nicely.

On the front of the window we applied grass footer decals to give the illusion of the stadium ground with the title added to highlight the product. With the use of these different forms of media we were able to create visual depth in the windows to give the illusion of being at the MCG. The use of TVs in the window we were able to run a looped video reel to give shoppers a taste of DVD/Blu-ray series.

Being a short run with a low budget we needed to divide stores into groups of similar sized windows and create POS that could be used in different sized windows without losing the impact we had set out to achieve.

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