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The Challenge

 Incorporate POS, Stock and Powered ‘Interactive Display Unit’

The Solution

A modular, rebrandable and well stocked display wall 

Headphones were one of the hottest products of 2016. Bluetooth, noise cancelling, in-ear range..It was all about quality!

Despite the consumer having an oversupply of earphones (from previous mobile phone purchases) she demanded higher quality, better clarity and even cordless bluetooth connectivity! Long standing Japanese brand Audio Technica (Technical Audio Group, TAG) saw the opportunity to brand the retail space with their unique selling propostion of quality and reliability.

With 20 years experience supplying audio equipment for US Presidential debates, TAG was an authority on sound quality. Brand management at TAG saw the opportunity to own the retail space with a very clear message – From the Studio, to the Streets, No Compromise.

Under a tight pre-Christmas deadline, Double Impact were commissioned to design, manufacture and installed 100 TAG headphone bay displays Nationally. From top of display down, the design featured –

  • Bay Header – Logo call out header card and floor decal hero-ing key selling model ATH
  • 3 x Replaceable Gloss Banners – Easily rebrandable, the gloss acrylic banners hero’d the products messaging of quality and versatility
  • IDU – Powered Interactive Display Unit with sound proof foam. These units were supplied to our national team who mounted, powered up and tested every unit on rollout
  • Ample stock – Designed for versatility, hang sell stock coudl be expanded by moving / removing banners
  • Alupanel backing – To contrast white product boxes, a black anodised aluminium backing plate help theme the bay and drive product focus

Working to overcome the bays relatively small 600mm width limitation, Double Impact Displays was able to incorporate a distinct black bay branding, interactive audio unit and most importantly, maximise the stock on shelf to ensure a functional and authentic quality display.

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