Google Pixel

Multi-fixture rollouts


The Challenge

 Multiple fixture POS for national launch

 The Solution

 Execute a fast paced national roll-out on time

Internet giant Google gained significant momentum in 2016 with its push into the devices and retail products market.

Following Chromecast, Chromebook laptops and even Nexus Phones, Google finally launched its namesake phone “Google Pixel” into a highly competitive smartphone market.

Double Impact was called upon to coordinate the rollout in JB Hi-Fi, taking delivery of devices and produce temporary POS for hundreds of new phone displays nationally. The installation was significantly complex, particularly given stores had a different combination of fixtures shown above (Play Tables, Relay Bays, End Caps) creating the following challenges;

  • Logistics – Ship correct combination of fixture POS-packs to 180+ stores, all with various (often multiple) fixtures.
  • Attach Live stock – Ship and install correct number of live phones and confirm security fully operational, attach dummy VR unit
  • Fast paced roll out – Given an International launch, Australia wide installation had to happen over 3 days
  • Manipulate and test security – Nationally DID installers had to be trained in fitting these new security devices
  • Compliance – All stores 100% compliant with live day-by-day progress and chasers to tie off loose ends

Significant national coordination was required on the date of roll out. Ensuring phones were installed, gathering thousands of compliance photos and providing live/real time installation updates to the brand and retailer. The end result was a successful national execution becoming of a world-class consumer electronics brand.

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