Modular Windows

The Challenge

 Apply creative to various Independent Optometrist windows

The Solution

A modular approach to multi element windows, driving key messaging


Essilor were faced with a common challenge – take advantage of valuable window real estate in independent optometrists Australia wide (with a vast range of sizes and orientations).

The Eyezen product has a blue protective lens to guard against sore eyes from the increased amount of time we spend infront of various Screens in our lives – phones, tablets, computers etc. The Windows had to be colourful to appeal to the key demographic 20-30 y.o. shoppers.

With a mix of stores having existing window POS and some with  no POS, this was no “low hanging fruit”. Indeed, existing POS in many windows had been there for years and had not been bumped out, simply because there had not been many Merchandisers up for the challenge of replacing POS in these windows.

Our design team brainstormed the challenge to work smarter not harder. Factors included;

  • Modular – because no two stores were the same, we new the solution demanded a modular approach.
  • Prominent focus on screens – Windows had to drive the message of ‘electronic screens’ and ‘tired eyes’
  • Multi Elements – to drive Impact in a small space you need maximise parrallax (perception of depth as you walk past the window)
  • Overprint – Creative was printed at a size where POS could be trimmed depending on the window size. Affording the installer flexibility but retaining key messaging.

The result was a colorful, very respectable fresh display for independent optometrists, lifting the stores presentation to passing shoppers.

Given the formidable challenge of window dressing a mixed bag of window sizes, its likely the POS would remain in windows beyond the budgeted length of the campaign, increasing ROI and continuing to drive sales for months, if not years to come!

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