Canon Cabinet Rebrand


Cost Effective Rebrands

The Challenge

 Cost effective Branding of store fixtures

The Solution

 Overnight Vinyl Makeover!





Double Impact Displays was approached by a major retailer for ideas on how to re-vamp existing in-store camera cabinets.

The decision was to go for a “less is more approach”, by blocking out the glass doors and multiple shelving below.

To complete the Canon branded theme, header cards were printed on 480 GSM stock to slot into existing holders.

Depending on the store fixtures, a combination of red vinyl blockout was used behind the glass to retain a gloss finish.

To finish off, the white cut lettering  Canon logo was applied on the front of the glass together with PVC decal shelf strips with the tagline ‘no one sees it better than you’.

Thee re-brand was so successful that soon after Double Impact Displasy was approached by another leading brand to do the same for their instore cabinets!

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