Batman Arkham Knight

custom decal

Multi- Element Windows

The Challenge

 Cost Effective Impact for 4 weeks across 95 stores

The Solution

  Consolidate 7 store formats using dozens of elements, to maximise  impact

Sony partnered with us to develop a temporary window campaign to drive sales of one of its biggest releases of the year: Batman Arkham Knight for PS4. The key driver of the campaign was to emphasise the PlayStation exclusive content and ‘Only on PS4’ message.

The challenge was to create a temporary display for a 4-week campaign that catered to a national rollout across 175 stores, where no two windows were the same size in width, depth or height, and ranged from 1m to 6.5m. This particular campaign also had up to thirteen elements per window and, despite the multitude of elements, ease of installation was critical to maintain a specific install timeframe. We designed and manufactured a modular system which allowed us to create a consistent message across all stores.

As this roll out was coordinated with a variety of in-store POS across multiple retailers, speed-to-market played a critical part of our delivery. JB experienced 81% week on week PS4 sales growth with the launch of Batman Arkham Knight.LTD the limited edition console achieved excellent results, with 75% sell thru and “sold out” expected by 8 weeks from launch. JB Hi Fi achieved 40% Market Share.

Award Winner!




Window Displays Category – Consumer Electronics

Judges Comment – “Implementation conforms to the brief, with cost and time of display.”

Additional Features




Standard Store layout

Standard rectangle hanging banners and square cut footers window decals  created in addition to premium option





Full length Window Skins

Artwork revised to create custom skins for stores without window display facilities



Customisable decalscustom decal
Decals were designed to be sued on stores with limited window space.





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