Nightmare Displays for Halloween

Displays to give shoppers Nightmares!

The Good
















Harrods v. Wicked Witch

Top-End UK Retailer Harrods went all out in 2011 making it look like the Wicked witch of the east had been crushed by the store. While Harrods marketing budget is as ginormous as the shoes, we’re very grateful large retailers still express passion for theater at retail.



The Ring’s Freakshow

NYC Flagship stores know how to enguage. Here a freaky live actor plays “Samara” the lead charactor from ‘The Ring Two’ occasionally lurching at pedestrians as they pass by the Virgin Mega Store. We find it hard to believe no small children were harmed in the making of this window campaign.




Scary screen smash

Staying subtle and classy, Apples oversize clear window vinyl is applied to maximum effect featured on NYC apple window store for Halloween. Whilst the realistic bullet hole freaked out shoppers, the real nightmare occurs when this happens to your iPhone and you find out what it will cost you to have it fixed.



Hardware Horror

Visual merchandising hardware stores? Difficult at the best of times. Time poor tradies rush in and out, buying utility products which are hardly a Hermes dress. But this clever US hardware got creative with the their tools various applications (mainly in the slaughtering department). Hopefully this macabre window display did not ‘inspire’ rather ‘humerously delight’

The Bad















Selfridges Fashion Fail

Eeek! Another Top-End UK Retailer but this time more dollars than sense!  While not (intentionally) Halloween themed, this shocker makes our top 10 of heart stoppers. The Coco Perez ‘Adore’ theme overpowered by the unfortunate appearance of the mannequin hanging itself. No doubt there was blood on the floor in the HR department after this #Epicfail 

Too Far..

Obviously an over-zealous but aptly skill visual merchandiser on staff, this hapless UK retailer went a little too far with the tomato sauce and fake human limbs. Ironically a window display for an Animal welfare charity, the somewhat gruesome severed limb crime scene was too realistic for locals. 10 out of 10 for effort! 

Hiel Fashion!

An actual store in India, this store owner was apparently not familiar with Hitler the dictator but rather named the store after his grandfather who earned a nickname/reputation for being ‘overly strict’!! Despite the all-white mannequins, the swastika dotted i and a cute little mustache themed doormat, the owner still purported it had no reference to the Nazi German leader, but agreed to change the name all the same.



The Hillarious













Frosty gets Frisky!

What started as advertising therapeutic massage – a legitimate form of pain relief, quickly became misconstrued for aparantly less orthodox services offered by the store. This Christmas themed window had US shoppers aghast, wondering ‘what Frosty was really doing’, was this something the clinic now offered and more importantly “was Santa even into it”?



The Sarcophagal Specticle

Don’t adjust your specs! This wacky Halloween window features a life size mummy wearing hot pink aviators, taking in a few of the latest recipies from ‘cooking with Ainsley’. Complete with pumpkins, grapevines and (wait for it..) Hay bails?! It might be time to return this awkward prop back to the store attic for another 1000 years.






The Welterweight Streaker

Were not sure how to pick this one apart, nor what kind of store or product line its displaying. If your husband finally loses his marbles, hes likely to get nude, take your best suede bag, don a Christmas hat and  fashion himself an orange felt weightlifters belt.. and carry on his trip to work as if its just another day


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