Freestanding Displays

Cardboard display stands are cut from structural B-fluted board using an modified version of an existing model to suit the size of your packaging.

For quantities up to 200, cardboard stock is normally digitally printed and CNC-machined. For higher quantities, stands are lithographically printed and knife-pressed in bulk.

When considering a cardboard display stand, one of the first challenges is understanding the ‘limitations’.

Display headers (top section) are often produced with rounded corners but can often be die-cut to a range of shapes as you require.

Shelves are pre-determined by the model of display you choose. Once we have your product dimensions, the structural cut and fold lines of the file must be  adjusted to suit.

Creating a cardboard display is very much a consultative process. The quickest way to cost your own cardboard display is to get in Contact Now! 

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