7 Killer retail trends

The 2016 Christmas period proved itself another summer scorcher for Point of Sale activation!

The fact Christmas day was on a Sunday saw people delay their Christmas purchase, right up to the day before (Saturday) which resulted in heavy traffic for retailers.

Here at Double Impact we saw plenty of planet retail action last year, with more than 7000 trips to store total. So to kick off the new year, here are 7 developing trends we observed over that period!

  1. Window displays need depth

The two most common ‘flaws’ of embarrassing window displays are poor depth and fit.

Window displays must glorify a product and champion its key selling features, filling the windows valuable retail real estate.

Nothing belittles a product more than parking it unceremoniously into an oversize retail window without the support of bold messaging on a well-executed Point of Sale display.

Even the most amazing product will sit ‘stark naked and blushing’ in an inadequate window display. Consumers will continually pass by, critiquing the information (or lack thereof) presented in the precious few seconds they offer up their attention.

  1. Be Creative or be forgotten

Retail marketing is no longer the ‘5 Ps’ of Price, Product, Promotion, Place, People (If only that simple!)

Now days, brands invest huge money in marking the retail space with their presence. But its not always the biggest and best that win.

Creative retail activation’s think ‘smarter not harder’ and the most effective have practical designs that can be rolled out on a nationwide (not just a specialised once off)

Double impact Displays is not just another Point of Sale or merchandising company, Were creative specialists! From our in-house designers and print / manufacture team, to our dedicated national network of talented visual Merchandisers (VMs or ‘window dressers’).

When you choose Double Impact to activate your Point of Sale, you’re represented by a competent, reliable and friendly team working with retailers and customers alike.

  1. Vinyl still Rules

We pride ourselves on our established network of visual merchandisers and their versatility.

Covering more than 300 suburbs and thousands of retail stores, our VMs have extensive experience – Multi element Windows, Wall/floor/window decals, Large decal application, product merchandising, real time reporting, Specialist ladder work and more.

A retail favorite is vinyl decals, which saw extensive application in 2016. Being low-cost and with versatile application (Window/Walls/Floor) vinyl is a fantastic value media to ensure consumers have your brand front-of-mind when it matters!

Why invest in expensive of manufacturing/shipping/assembling your own bespoke fixtures? Vinyl is increasing being activated in-store. Easily add your brand colours/themes to product shelves through ‘skinning’ existing store fixtures such as cabinets, tables, Gondolas, shelves..

We know vinyl – contact us for the latest retail vinyl trends


An in-store fixture vinyl re-brand by Double Impact Displays

Turn table bay display ‘before and after’ by Double Impact Displays

  1. Quality Products require Quality displays

If you have a premium product, ‘boxes on the shelf’ alone wont move stock off the shelves!

If your product has a price point over a few hundred dollars, you simply must allow customers to experience a demo product integrated into quality display

With Double Impact Displays’ experienced in-house design team, here are some significant design factors for retail

  • Cost, cost cost!
  • Lighting and depth
  • Display Life cycle + materials
  • Re-brand/Refresh/Re-usability
  • Brand Call out + Key messaging

Quality displays are not always expensive or permanent. Double Impact Displays source the latest POS materials (recyclable Yupo paper and structural fibreboards). But also integrate some old favorites (like false foliage) for a little theater-at-retail!

  1. POS Good, Clean store Bad!

2016 Was a crazy year for department stores. Target chased Kmart, with two major changes in senior management and a flurry of innovative format changes to their concept stores. Woolworth’s owned ‘Big W’ is now rumored as being up for sale as it was revealed early this year that global fashion brands Uniqlo, Zara and H&M have taken more than $600 million in sales from discount department stores.

But most amazing for us was Australian retail stalwart Myer and their move away from their decades old ‘clean store’ policy.

‘Clean store’  dictates very little POS – no floor decals, hanging posters, vinyl skinning etc which was seen to clutter stores and detracted from Myers appeal as a ‘Premium’ retailer. The clean store strategy is often used by jewelery stores and the like to reinforce the ‘premium nature’ of the product customers purchase. However, Myers almost ‘clinical’ in-store environment (white marble tiles and glass cabinets) started to alienate shoppers, particularly those who started to realise they didn’t pay a ‘retail premium’ by shopping online.

In 2016 new CMO and head of merchandising Daniel Bracken led the charge back to consumer relevance, in commissioning more than a dozen Myer ‘transformation stores’. Brands have been invited to splash their colours in the stores through Point of sale such as applying vinyl to walls and floors, hang banners and BYO branded fixtures (powered demo / Interactive Display tables)

“You’ll see a major shift in brands coming into Myer,” Bracken said, although he added Myer’s private brands still will retain a place in the brand mix moving forward. “We’ll give space to the 40-50 most wanted brands.. “Ultimately, it’s about the brand experience that customer has inside Myer.”

Double Impact was involved in multiple Myer ‘transformation stores’ such as Weribee (VIC), Warringah Mall (NSW) and Sydney City Westfield.


Myers new policy on applying POS to wall fixtures (Warringah Mall)

  1. Has your P-O-S gone M-I-A?

One of the most disturbing trends we’ve seen over the last 12 months is the disappearance of brands semi-permanent and ‘even permanent’ POS displays less than a year after being installed.

When a product first launches, a brand can outlay significant marketing funds to manufacture a eye-catching, innovative and often powered display “with all the (lights) bells and whistles”.

But 6 – 12 months on, stores can change their layouts, run out of stock and even have displays broken or discarded. In our 7000+ visits to store last year, we reported back to brands their display  ‘attrition rate’ being the total number they first deployed and now (months on) the total number still on display.

Even with the most diligent team of sales reps, maintenance on these displays is overlooked and displays can be neglected.

Most brands don’t have the of luxury of nation wide sales reps at their disposal. However, when you choose Double Impact Displays to activate your Point of Sale in a retailer, we can provide a comprehensive, nationwide snapshot of the current condition of your displays.

  • Were they still active in store?
  • Was the POS damaged / were displays functioning / powered up?
  • Were all their demo models on display and functioning?
  • Take multiple photos per store, giving clients live view to their activation

We give head office sales and marketing teams the visibility they need to get the best out of your displays, months and years after they are released with chart reporting statistics.

  1. The only thing ‘Online’ has to fear is ‘Online’ itself

There’s no doubt smartphones have revolutionized the way we live (and will continue to do so in the future). More and more modes of commerce are finding a digital means of matching consumer needs to resources.

So many of us began taking up the online shopping experience and we reveled in the savings that such a low-overhead system could deliver.

Collectively, we entertained the thought of ‘online’ replacing ‘retail’ forever – “One day, could I really do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered that afternoon?”

There’s no doubt many retailers have been squeezed, even folded as a result of their online competitors. But now in 2017 we see some amazing adaptations by forward thinking Australian retailers that have built in an online experience for their existing customer base.

One example being cosmetic brand Jurlique replacing cash registers with roaming ipad ‘Point of Sale’ devices, with sales assistants acting as ‘personal consultants’ rather than ‘checkout chicks’

This September Amazon is set to launch in Australia and online purchases of consumer electronics and Apparel retailers are said to be in the firing line. Various commentators have cautioned this will see ongoing pressure on Australian retailers as more and more customers head online. However its arguably the existing online retailers that have the most to fear from a more effective on line experience.



Beauty Brand Jurlique Overhauls Traditional Cash Register For Better Customer Experience

Regardless, 2017 is set to be another roller coaster ride for the retail sector.

So buckle up and come for a ride with us here at Double Impact Displays – your end-to-end solution!

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